Our eighth dig, Ockley, Surrey

by | May 22, 2024 | Articles, Digs

Our recent metal detecting dig at Ockley, Surrey was a great success and a much-needed one after our previous disappointing dig. We were fortunate enough to discover some fascinating finds including a buckle, sword hanger, several coins and buttons. It was a thrilling experience to unearth an array of objects that could potentially hold historical significance.

Despite the scorching weather, we were determined to push through and make the most of our detecting day. We made sure to come prepared with sunscreen and plenty of water. As we searched the fields, our excitement grew with each interesting item we uncovered. The high temperatures didn’t hinder our efforts, and we were able to cover a significant amount of ground.

After a fruitful day of searching, we decided to end the day at The Cock Inn at Headley. With a refreshing pint of our favorite brew in hand, we discussed our finds and re-hyrdated.

As always, we encourage anyone with available land to reach out to us and allow us to explore for hidden treasures. We are passionate about metal detecting and enjoy sharing our discoveries with others. So spread the word, you never know what treasures could be hiding beneath the soil on your property. Find out more here: Surrey Metal Detecting Permission


Written by Murray Price
Written by Murray Price

Murray is a member of the Bearded Bleepers metal detectorists. Based in Epsom Downs, during the day he runs his own web design company, but his true passion lies in exploring the countryside with his fellow Bleepers, searching for hidden treasures. He also loves spending time walking the Surrey Hills with his rescue dog, Woody.

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